Friday, March 11, 2011


by Linda Andersen

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This Week’s Feature: From the Mixed-Up Files
of Middle-Grade Authors

Nearly 30 middle-grade authors came together in Spring 2010 to form this site. Here is their Mission Statement:
“From the Mixed-Up Files is the group blog of middle-grade authors celebrating books for middle-grade readers. For anyone with a passion for children’s literature—teachers, librarians, parents, kids, writers, industry professionals— we offer regularly updated booklists organized by unique categories, author interviews, market news, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of children’s books from writing to publishing to promoting.”

If you’re like me, you probably feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day for all you want to read and write. If you would like an overview of what’s going on in middle-grade literature, add this site to your favorites or subscribe to the blog. It will save you hours of researching; yet, this blog keeps you informed.

Recent Topics at Oh MG! News (Middle Grade Events in the News):
• Farewell to Redwall (series by Brian Jacques)—Feb.14
• Natalie Babbitt, author of Tuck Everlasting(1975), answered questions from 4th Graders—Feb. 3
• “Al’s Book Club” on the Today Show—Jan. 31
• Survey at Publishers Weekly—Parents Hold the Power…and the Purse—Jan. 23
• Interview with Newbery winner (Clare Vanderpool)and other contest winners—Jan. 13
• Aloud and Proud (March 9—World Read Aloud Day)—Feb. 10
Take a look at recent blog posts:
• Middle-grade Book Club Guide—Feb. 25—Helene Boudreau
• Sequels: Their Pleasures and Perils—Feb. 23—Tricia Springstubb
• When Mean Girls …Grow Up?—Feb. 21--Jan Gangsei
• Interview with Ruth McNally Barshaw and Two Giveaways—Feb. 18—Mindy Alyse Weiss
• Favorite Titles for Black History Month—Feb. 17—Wendy S.
• From Editor to Agent: A Chat with Alyssa Eisner Henkin –Feb. 16—Bobbie Pyron
• A List of Love—Feb. 14—by Elissa Cruz
• Eleven (Books for) Birthdays—Feb. 11—by Kurtis Scaletta
• Overcoming Obstacles—Feb. 9—by Joanne Prushing Johnson
• The Magic of Middle Grade Writing Partnerships—Feb. 7—by Sayantani
• A Peek into the Life of Kirby Larson (Author)—Feb. 4—by Diana Greenwood
• February New Releases—Feb. 2—by Sheelachari
• A Fantastical Middle-Grade Monday! (and a contest)—Jan.31—Shannon Messenger
• Authors Visiting Schools: thinking outside the box—Jan. 28—by Rosanne Parry

• Previous Contests: Summer Giveaways 2010. (4-9 signed middle-grade books every two weeks). After that, giveaways were offered every two months or so. Additionally, an author “From the Mixed-Up Files” often donates a copy of his/her new book to launch its arrival.
• Recent Contests: Ellie McDoodle Winners! And Love Our Readers Giveaway
• A Terrific Service Project: A Great Library Giveaway provided 70 middle-grade books to a worthy library drawn at random from 375 entries.
• Upcoming Contests: A Spring Giveaway is being planned. Shortly after that, an Anniversary Giveaway will celebrate the group’s one-year anniversary on June 9, 2011. No details are being shared at this time. Don’t miss out on any of these giveaways and celebrations.

Thank you middle-grade authors for all you offer others. Readers, be sure to check out the personal blogs of authors From the Mixed-Up Files.

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  1. Dear Linda,
    Thanks for posting such great information about the Mixed Up Files Blog. It's great to see how this group works together.
    Do something good for you today! You are one of God's blessings.

  2. Hi Joan,

    I'm glad you enjoyed learning about the Mixed Up Files Blog. They are a well-oiled machine with quality posts and lots of giveaways.

    Thanks for responding! You have always been my #1 follower. I love you for that and so much more!
    Linda A.